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This is no band, it's more like a circus!

The RUBBER BAND comprises of ZOE LEWIS, ROXANNE LAYTON, KATE WOLF and SYLVIE RICHARD. We play hi-energy worldbeat grooves on a ton of unusual instruments. Quirky lyrics, a little jazz, a little salsa, a LOT of entertainment! We still like each other and have a lot of fun together!!! We bend the notes and stretch your imagination!


ROXANNE is becoming known as the AMBASSADOR OF THE RECORDER!. She has performed with mega-group MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER for the last 8 years and we are lucky to have her with us. She plays on a variety of wooden recorder from the piccolo to the barritone, some of which she hand-whittled herself!

As well as being an extremely adept classical player she'll amaze you with her latin and swing solos and takes this this traditional instrument to new places. I never imagined at school that the recorder could sound like this! We are very impressed when she gets flashy but we allowed her into the band when we discovered she could play the theme from "Titanic" through her left nostril!


Kate Wolf KATE WOLF met ZOE LEWIS a long time ago, liked her tunes and decided to play in her band. She started performing on an unusual bass guitar (which she still plays, occasionally) made of cardboard, a steel neck and a pick up made from a sewing machine bobbin! She stunned audiences with her dexterity on this instrument but now prefers to perform on her more conventional 4 string Reverend bass. She is best known for her uncanny ability to bleat like a sheep in distress. This is the reason she is still allowed to perform with the RUBBER BAND.

In addition to playing the bass she performs on guitar, mandolin and accordion and has appeared with CATIE CURTIS, KRIS DELMHURST, ERIN McKEOWN, AMELIA WHITE, ERIKA LUCKETT, JENNIFER KIMBALL and LAURA VIERS.

KATE has her own album of songs entitled "Daisy Petals on my Head", has co-produced various albums including BITCH AND ANIMAL'S "What's that smell?" and ZOE'S Last 4 recordings. She is based in Seattle, WA.


Sylvie Richard Also known as "SLICK" (for personal reasons) SYLVIE met ZOE one summer afternoon whilst beating on buckets in a street show outside the Town Hall in Provincetown. Her ability to drum on anything (including the kitchen sink) impressed ZOE no end and very soon this Quebecoise rhythm section joined the band. She performs on latin bongos, african jimbe, cajun washboard and is the queen of the bucket!

She studied music in Montreal, received a degree in percussion in the Conservatoire de Quebec and was part of 2 drum corps groups; "La Clique Alouette de Quebec" and "La Ambassadeurs d'Arvida." She can even be spotted in the background of Perry Como Canada Christmas special in the 1980's playing woodenspoons (a typical instrument native to her region!). She is now based in Crested Butte, CO.

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